Foster a dog.  Save a life.

Interested in fostering?  Here are some common questions you may have;

How long will I have my foster dog?
You’ll have him for a minimum of 10 days. When you think you have a good feel for his/her personality, we will start promoting as adoptable.

What if I have other pets?
As long as your pets are current on their vaccinations, there shouldn’t be any health issues. However, if you have other dogs, it’s a good idea to introduce them in advance or have a plan to keep them separated. We can make suggestions. Some diseases (i.e. mange, fleas, parasites) cannot be vaccinated against and can be transmitted, so a brief observation period with minimal contact is recommended.

Who pays for the dog’s care?
All medical care, including vaccinations, is provided by EPIC Rescue's vet.   Food can be provided when available,  just ask!

How do you find permanent homes?
EPIC dogs are promoted on our website and social media.  

How do I know I’m getting a "nice dog"? 
You can meet the dog and, if you’d like, introduce him to your own dog before making a commitment. Even though it’s a short-term stay, we want the best match for both you and the foster dog. 

Will my foster dog be housebroken?
We often don’t know. Some dogs may have lived in homes prior to coming to EPIC, but your home will be all new to them. So expect some accidents, especially right at first.

What if I have to go to work every day?
We recommend a hard-plastic, enclosed airline crate as a safe, secure "little house" for your dog while you are gone. The average dog does not require constant attention or care. If you have never crate-trained a dog, we have some helpful suggestions. Just ask.

Do some dogs have "special" needs?
Sometimes we get dogs who require surgery or medical treatment, elderly or handicapped dogs, or puppies who need to be bottle-fed. If this is something you would be interested in doing, let us know. 

Do I need some type of license?
After you have fostered a few dogs, if you decide this is something you’d like to commit to for a year, let us know. A$25 license fee will then need to be paid to the Department of Agriculture.

If I’m interested, what do I do next?
Complete our Foster Application. 


EPIC Rescue is committed to helping  homeless animals ... and, with your help, we can do so much more. Dogs wind up homeless for a variety of reasons ... owners pass away, new babies, someone develops allergies, dogs run away and become strays, unspayed females have unwanted puppies, and alot of people move and simply do not want to take their dogs with them.
So many of them are charming, delightful dogs who, given a second chance, will make wonderful additions to a family. Good-tempered, highly adoptable dogs can be saved when we have foster homes lined up for them. 



EPIC Rescue is a small organization with no physical shelter.  We depend on foster homes to save animals.  Committing to foster a dog is a big responsibility. When a foster family commits to an animal and then decides they no longer can fulfill the commitment,  we will have to put that dog in a costly boarding facility.  We ask that you consider all aspects of fostering before you decide to take on an EPIC dog.  

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